moscato, brown brothers 2017

image lost (must buy wine again :)

Like, if you could ever put those cheap red lollies and yellow lollies and green lollies into a bottle and melt them, and then make the wine taste smooth with a very slight sparkle, make it look good as well, it’s something like that, it’s probably the sweetest wine you’ve ever had or had for a while. Nice. I’m trying it with a bit of camembert and cracker barrel vintage cheddar. Some say it’s a good beginner wine. Let me know what you think it is.

Get this at your local bottle shop for a reasonable $11.

shiraz cabernet, peperjack certified 2016

shiraz cabernet, peperjack certified 2016

Now this wine was a treat. Brought over for a meal by my brother. This wine wants to be different. For a start it not only brings along the crushed grape juice in the bottle, but also what looks like some ground pepper. You notice the pepper especially towards the end of the bottle – it’s trying to tell you: look I’m different to other wines! It is, it has a soft “tingle on the tongue” feel at the start of the bottle, and when you get towards the end of the bottle it is a definite “tingle on the tongue” as the ground pepper says hello. A treat to be had with red juicy steak, or slow cooked beef cheeks (yum yum).

This wine can be found at your local Dan Murphey’s for $30 (or less when you get it for a bargain on special!)

nkonge hill washed, five senses coffee

coffe and moka pot

A mysterious coffee, I’ve been drinking it for the last half week and have not figured it out yet. Soft, but with character. A character that makes you want to try it again to figure it out. It has a natural sweetness but…to find out more I will neeed to try it more.

Buy online or in Perth or Melbourne in person from five senses coffee. You can get them to grind the beans to suit your method of coffee making.

riesling, jen pfeiffer 2018

wine with indoor plants

This white wine is like a person who wants to keep all to themselves as they walk into a room with lots of people for a social occasion. They are trying not to be noticed…even though they are in a room full of people. Someone comes up to them (this is the point you are about to swallow the wine in your mouth) and they come alive and are happy and friendly. The wine is sweet as it goes down and enjoyable with a few small bubbles when served chilled.

I found a song the next day which I rekon goes with this wine is I Don’t Care (with Justin Bieber) [Loud Luxury Remix].

I tasted this wine at a friend’s place so you will have to wait until you are served it one evening over a white chicken curry…

merlot, the cellar cut 2018

merlot with chicken dinner

I’m trying this wine with a casual dinner of cold roast chicken and coleslaw. Trying the wine first before starting dinner, the first thing I notice is the smell brings back memories of good wines. The first sip reminds me of kite surfing, a hobby I have taken up recently. It reminds me of those days when the ocean is smooth and glassy, fresh in temperature like in winter. It reminds me of smoothness and coolness on the lips. It has a nice little bit of tanginess on the tongue. I think it will go well with many foods. Almost some sourness or bitterness wrapped up in the tang it gives on the tongue.

Trying the wine again after some dinner, it’s interesting. It does have a little sweet aftertaste. It is like you are in a parallel universe. The taste is similar but different. If before food it was like kite surfing on a glassy ocean, then afterwards it’s like doing a small jump, then another quick sip builds the intensity in the mouth like doing a slightly higher jump kite surfing and so on. I think this is a good wine for having with a simple meal at home.

You can buy this wine from your local store for around AUD$8

sauvignon blanc semillon, hay shed hill 2017

sauvignon blanc semillon with scallops

Very gentle, very gentle, it’s like it’s disguising itself in the bushes pretending not to be a wine. And there is just the slightest hint of an aftertaste, just like if a dog’s been in a house, and you go inside and walk in the house you think “I just have a feeling someone has been in the house.” It’s almost like kneading dough, as you move it around your mouth it’s extracting the flavour. Very smooth. Almost like oil in some respect.

You can find this wine at rustico, hay shed, margaret river.

pinc rose, pitchfork 2017

fancy meal with wine

It’s kind of like a soft pink rose in a rose garden, with the soft pillow feeling a rose petal has. And just a tiny prick, or hint of a thorn. Like when you run your finger over it gently, it doesn’t stab you, but you feel it and know it’s there.

Allowing it to sit on the tongue reminds me of ginger. Like that time, I had a ginger smoothie and put half a ginger in it. It’s not that extreme, but if you let it sit it builds and builds taste on the tongue. Whereas, if you just drink it, it has a rough finish to it, like lots of tiny tiny thorns, if we are talking rose bushes, but, there is a sweetness to it, but the sweetness and the roughness at the end of it are at odds to each other.

You can find this wine at rustico, hay shed, margaret river.