pink rose, pitchfork 2017

fancy meal with wine

It’s kind of like a soft pink rose in a rose garden, with the soft pillow feeling a rose petal has. And just a tiny prick, or hint of a thorn. Like when you run your finger over it gently, it doesn’t stab you, but you feel it and know it’s there.

Allowing it to sit on the tongue reminds me of ginger. Like that time, I had a ginger smoothie and put half a ginger in it. It’s not that extreme, but if you let it sit it builds and builds taste on the tongue. Whereas, if you just drink it, it has a rough finish to it, like lots of tiny tiny thorns, if we are talking rose bushes, but, there is a sweetness to it, but the sweetness and the roughness at the end of it are at odds to each other.

You can find this wine at rustico, hay shed, margaret river.

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