blend #3, karvan coffee

An espresso shot was poured from 19g of fresh grounds from a manual machine (i.e. without milk) … so the total pour was 23 mL total done over 24 seconds for #3 blend … perhaps we should have got 36 mL so we were grinding it a little fine so we are expecting a more bitter coffee because we were extracting it slower … ohh that’s smooth; it tastes a bit more like coffee! Almost like I didn’t feel it in my mouth. Then there’s a nice dark coffee note that lingers – it’s like a warm wood fired room on a rainy cold day; just nice and cosy. It makes me sleepy. Very nice.

Adding a little milk … it often changes everything … so this one I’d almost prefer as a shot … or a long mac topped up (i.e. just a dash of milk on-top). It’s not got the hats the ladies wear on Melbourne Race Day; it’s more of a smart cap. A straightforward coffee.

You can buy this coffee from Leaf Bean Machine in Bibra Lake, Western Australia.

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