Warburn Estate, Rumours, Cabernet Merlot 2019

This wine…how do I describe it? It’s got a body, but no feet or head. Its got the roundness…but it’s like the Bounty’s Revenge at Adventure World – a ride they used to have that is now no longer there. It was a massive ship that would swing on a pivot. It’s like being on that Bounty’s Revenge in the middle – it’s satisfying when the ship swings past the middle point and you feel gravity pulling you down into your seat. But just like when the ship swings up to the left and right sides and you feel momentarily weightless, this wine has no lower or upper edge – it’s just a Bb (b flat) the whole way through. It’s like it’s just treble – staying there the whole time. Lacks character, but, is quite gentle in the mouth.

Should be around $5 at Dan Murphey’s.

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